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Whole House Dehumidifier and Room Dehumidifiers

If you live in humid area, moisture can get inside your home and can worsen allergies and can cause mold to develop in certain areas of your home. Certain types of mold can cause more than just allergies; black mold can be very deadly to breathe for long periods of time. Therefore,  it is helpful to use a whole house dehumidifier help to reduce the moisture in the rooms of your home, which improve allergies and reduce the risk of molds growing in your home.

Maintenance Aspect to the Dehumidifiers

Both the whole house dehumidifier and room dehumidifier require very … Read the rest

Helpful House Cleaners

No one enjoys having a dirty house, but sometimes the cleaning process can become too much.  Anyone who has kids, pets or both knows that the dirt, dander, mold and all other messes can collect quickly.  Vacuuming and dusting is helpful, but the mess just never seems to rid itself from their house.  It can gather and build up in places that some may not even imagine.  It is an illusive pest to any dwelling, and it can cause a real headache.  Fortunately for all of us, there are services that know first hand where to find these messes and … Read the rest

Flying Ants in House

Flying ants are often mistaken for termites. You should understand the differences between these two species of insects, to know which elimination techniques will be the most effective. In this article we’re going to look at the causes of flying ants to better understand how to deal with the problem.

When you have flying ants in house, the most important thing to realize is that these winged insects are not termites. Termites have two body segments-a head and a body, whereas ants have three segments-a head, an abdomen and a thorax. Termites also have straight and hairy antennas whereas ants … Read the rest

Latest Mold In House News

Taking a look at Eureka Gardens
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Mold type identified
Courtroom A was also closed and sampled for mold. The air samples, collected by Timothy Arn, owner of Home Spec of NC, Inc, were sent for testing purposes to Hayes Microbial Consulting, located in Midlothian, VA. The samples were … Read the rest

Carolina Beach house under investigation for possible gross conditions

Carolina Beach house under investigation for possible gross conditions
Now it is considered a “non-conforming boarding house” in Carolina Beach. Owned by Jonnie Barnitz and her husband Corey Garsh, there is no credit or background check required to live at the house located on Florence Avenue. Rent is paid week-to-week …
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Slavery hidden in plain sight
NEW BLOOMINGTON — Arthur Carp and his wife, Peggy, would watch from their Oakridge Estates trailer as a handful of Hispanic teenage boys walked home, carrying small bags of pop and snacks purchased from a nearby gas station. “They each had … Read the rest

Latest Black Mold In House News

Return to New Orleans – an open hand, a welcome home
My cousin Kitty's homecoming was road-blocked, her walls a forest of black mold, her frontyard a tangle of wire and pipes. It was too expensive, and she, too exhausted to rebuild. The lush canopy of trees I remember floating beneath on approaching my …
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Living Smart: How often should you clean your air ducts?
Many homeowners who've hired a reputable air duct cleaning contractor are often pleased with the results. While there's no scientific evidence to prove that vent cleaning has a direct and … Read the rest

Latest Mold In House News

Trailside residents upset over construction of new home
"Yes it is a large house. Yes it is visible. But the staff worked extremely hard within the code and limitations of our powers that we have to manipulate and mold the application to what, I believe, to be the better result in terms of visual impacts …
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Tackle moisture leakage before mold problem
You can buy a siloxane-based masonry sealant in a masonry-supply house. Hardware and box stores may sell a masonry sealant in smaller quantities. Once you are sure that the leakage is stopped, … Read the rest

How to Get Rid of Mold From Your House Once and For All

You’re probably familiar with the old expression “it’s like putting lipstick on a pig”, which implies the lipstick is really not distracting you from the reality that it is still a pig. I think of this statement when I think of all of the products currently on the market for mold cleaning, they are just masking the issue and not solving it. What does solve a household mold problem is addressing the cause, which is moisture. Taking simple steps to reduce moisture sources in the bathroom, kitchen, basement and the outside of your house will drastically reduce your chances of … Read the rest

Mold Prevention Ascertains Beauty and Longevity of a House

Of late, mold prevention has become the most significant and extensively discussed topic among builders, developers, architects, contractors, etc. Preventing molds from growing in buildings and homes has become a big challenge for builders as well as home owners. The procedure comprises of a number of methods for instance, chemical treatments, cautious environmental control, and manual cleaning. To resolve the problem of mold spores, professionals employ more than one combination. Nowadays, equipments are also available for mold prevention.

Drawbacks of molds

Mold prevention is necessary as it may contribute to a number of menaces. Apart from damaging the books, they … Read the rest

Latest Mold In House News

Warm, wet weather can trigger mold growth
… a respirator mask with an N-95 rating from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. Other face masks may not effectively filter airborne mold particles. Inexpensive N-95 masks often are available from hardware and home-improvement …
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