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Water Damage Remediation Ideas

Whether your damage was caused by natural disasters, or with manmade mishaps such as leaking or broken pipes, it is important to contact a water damage remediation company as quickly as possible. Water damage quickly becomes worse if not treated immediately. Your furniture alone can be a major cost to replace. Dealing with water damage immediately can prevent having to spend a fortune in replacing items in your home.

Flooding can do more damage than you would like to think. Aside from the obvious and visible mess to your home that requires major cleaning, the valuables inside your house may … Read the rest

How to Stop Mold After Water Damage

How to Stop Mold After Water Damage
Homeowners who experience even a small amount of water seeping into their homes either from flooding or a broken pipe should be concerned about mold. It doesn't take much water for mold to grow and do a lot of harm. “All it needs is a little moisture …
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Some Worry About Mold at EIU Dorms
Charleston – College dorms, filled with young students, are bound to get messy. However, at Eastern Illinois University a mess could be waiting for them when they arrive. "We were dealing with mold … Read the rest

Water Damage Remediation

When your home has experienced a leak or other flooding, you may need to seek immediate water damage remediation. Whether the cause is a natural disaster or a manmade mishap with a broken pipe, the damages may be severe and can even worsen if not addressed promptly. Furniture may be so severely damaged that major water damage repairs, if not costly replacements, may have to be made. Either way, it can quickly become very expensive.

What Water Damage Does

Water damage does a lot more damage than you might think. Aside from the obvious mess it leaves behind that often … Read the rest