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Mold Sniffing Dogs

You may not notice it when it begins. You may not even notice it when it’s happening, but mold can lead to serious health effects or symptoms in adults and children, who are sensitive its toxins. Allergic reactions to mold are the most common health effects and they may happen immediately or develop over a period of time following prolonged exposure. Both growing mold, and mold spores, may lead to allergic reactions including:

Runny Nose
Watery Eyes
Redness of the Eyes
Itchy Eyes
Skin Irritation or Rash
Constant Fatigue
Memory Loss

Methods of detecting mold are varied. If the culprit mold is visible, it’s just a question of digging a little deeper to find out the extent of the damage. Often though, the symptoms and effects of mold are present, but there is no visible source of it. Many mold inspection companies will cut holes, tear up carpeting, remove trim, etc. until they find it. This usually leaves a mess before the cleanup begins.

At American Construction and Plumbing, we’ve got the secret weapon in the black mold fight, Trina the Mold Detective Dog. Trina, a rescue dog and graduate of the Florida Canine Academy, is a mixed breed of Belgian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. With a keen sense of smell that is one thousand times more sensitive than the human nose, Trina can detect mold spores within walls and under flooring that other companies cannot hope to locate.

Trina’s reputation is so widepread among mold inspectors that they will refer ACP when there are obvious mold exposure symptoms in the household or business that they cannot locate the source of. Trina is credited with over 100 inspections and has yet to strike out. You might say that she’s a “mold fashioned” kind of girl.

If you have the symptoms and suspect that you have a mold problem, visible or not, we are happy to help at American Construction and Plumbing. We will work with your insurance company for a fast resolution to all mold remediation issues no matter what the size or scope. Be happy, be healthy.

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