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Daily Archives: December 17, 2015

How Can I Check For Mold in My Home?

Mold is everywhere, and you just can’t get rid of it. However, if it wasn’t for mold and fungi, nothing would ever decay, and we would all be so buried in debris that nothing would be able to grow on the earth. Nevertheless, no one wants this in their home. It can lead to health problems such as irritated lungs and nasal passages, as well as more dangerous health hazards. So how can you be sure that its not in your home?

If you have ever had water damage your home, here are some ways to check for mold. Lift … Read the rest

Spy Bug Detectors

You probably know what a ‘bug’ is from watching detective shows on TV and in movies where the FBI regularly plants ‘bugs’ in gangsters’ homes to listen in on their meetings and their phone calls. It used to be that only criminals and law enforcement used bugs. Nowadays, however, anyone can get their hands on a listening or monitoring device to keep an eye on you or to listen in on what you have to say. To help keep prying eyes and ears out of your private business, you should think about investing in spy bug detectors. Bug detectors will … Read the rest