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Combustible Gas Detectors

When your company is working in heavy industry, it is vitally important to have a means of not only detecting gas leaks, but also automatically shutting down a process so that the adverse effects of such a leak can be managed and minimised, if it does occur. This is important because many gases are very easily combustible, and can therefore imperil the lives of your employees, as well as threatening your plant and machinery, in the event of a leak. Combustible gas detectors and other gas detection equipment provide an absolute lifeline in arduous environments, often incorporating such additional features … Read the rest

Tips to Stop Mold Growing in Your Home


It is normal to find mold spores in a homes indoor air and surfaces such as clothes, walls, and furniture. Most of the time mold spores found indoors are from outside sources. Regular housekeeping cleaning helps keep mold levels low. Cleaning small areas of visible mold, like the mold around your shower, is obligatory to maintain sanitary conditions.
When you should be more concerned is when your home has a large-scale of active mold growing. Such problems are most likely to happen when there’s been an on-going water leak, flood, or excessively high levels of humidity in the home. Indoor … Read the rest