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Daily Archives: December 1, 2015

Several abandoned homes in Vigo County slated to be torn down

Several abandoned homes in Vigo County slated to be torn down
Vacant houses have become breeding grounds for everything from mosquitoes to mold, making neighborhoods dangerous for other families to live in. Like the weeds that swallow a house on South 12th Street, frustration among neighbors continues to grow.

Council condemns Avery Road house
Council members voted 6-0 to call in the wrecking ball after the video showed every room piled high with trash, black mold over several ceilings, moldy bathrooms, exposed electrical wires and a hole in the roof where rain and snow could enter … Read the rest

Mold Detection – How to Detect Toxic Mold in Your Home?

Mold is a type of tiny living organism from the fungi family. Mold spores thrive on moisture and they spreads rapidly with the presence of moisture. They can grow on any materials and surfaces, in particular on objects made of cellulose.

Recent studies show that most of the homes are having some sort of mold infections due to unknown indoor moisture problems. This leads to the rapid growth of mold in damp areas like bathroom, water-damaged basement, leaking pipes and roofs. Indoor mold growth poses great health threats and should be removed quickly to prevent it from spreading. Thus mold … Read the rest